Internet privacy and security course
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What do I learn from this course?

Chapter 1

What do I learn from this course?

We are not so naive as to think that this book will expose terrible things previously unknown, mark the border separating good from evil, or reveal some brilliant discovery…This book's objectives are modest and practical: to teach you to protect yourself from cyber espionage, get round unlawful censoring and suppressing of resources, safely protect your electronic data, and remain anonymous in the Internet. 

 A substantial part of this book will address protection from a variety of intrusions into your private life, ways to stop any attempts to follow your activities on the Internet, or get access to your communication and e-mails. It is no less important to hide your actual location, prevent illegal access to your web-cam and microphone so as to monitor your actions through those.

We will thoroughly explain IP, DNS, MAC address, browser fingerprint, browser cache, and other notions important for your anonymity and safety. We will discuss how leakage of this or that information could make it easier to identify you and get your personal information.

In the today's world, everybody needs to know how to remove information on their activities, e.g. clean up the system’s registry, list of recently used applications, etc. Users particularly concerned with their anonymity will learn how to delete information in such a way that even the best minds of the National Security Agency won’t be able to recover it.

 This book will not only teach you to protect your information in such a way, that should some highly literate, though ill-meaning people get hold of your computer or smartphone, there will be no way for them to get access to your data. We will go beyond this: this manual will teach you to hide your information so well that even if you — being held at gunpoint — give away your passwords to the computer and the encrypted drive, the criminals will still be unable to access any valuable information. 

Having completed this training course, you will not only be able to protect data on your gadgets, but also generate protected backup copies, i.e. back up all data from your computer or smartphone and keep it in a safe archive. Should you have your smartphone, tablet, or notebook stolen, you will be able to recover the information at a different gadget within half an hour, without losing a bit, and be confident that no information will ever be accessed through the stolen device.

Specific sections of this training course will address global espionage, a highly popular topic these days, speaking about the methods used by intelligence services, how deep this control goes, and, in particular, how to protect oneself from it. The manual offers quotes of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and other whistle-blowers discussing activities of intelligence services. We have tried to bring together in this book all of valuable ideas and recommendations fromtheir many interviews.

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 In this course you will find multiple case studies on how disregard of basic rules of Internet anonymity and safety cost people their health, career, family, money, reputation, and even their freedom. You will have the opportunity to analyse the mistakes they made, and come to your own conclusions, while we will support you with advice and solutions,