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DeepWeb or the hidden internet of Tor

Chapter 63

DeepWeb or the hidden internet of Tor

The DeepWeb or hidden web is what attracts users and law enforcement from different countries to Tor. It is a space without rules, censorship and control. A space that can’t be accessed from the surface web, you can enter it only with Tor browser.

You’ve probably guessed that a significant part of the DeepWeb is used for selling weapons, drugs, shadow ID document market, counterfeit currency, credit card theft, money laundering, child pornography, malicious software, contracting killers, prohibited literature, etc.

This course in no way encourages you to visit the DeepWeb, but telling you about Tor without mentioning the DeepWeeb wouldn’t be altogether right. Act at your own discretion and risk. Be also aware that this kind of web has a lot of fraudsters roaming the dark waters and eager to get their hands on a naïve user’s money.

The main resource is HiddenWiki that lists all kinds of resources of the TOR network. Don’t assume that they are all illicit services, most of them don’t break the law or do it to an insignificant degree. But you will see the links to the websites offering weapons and drugs next to completely legal services.

To access the DeepWeb, run Tor and visit the HiddenWiki at http://mijpsrtgf54l7um6.onion/

Download widget: Tor browser

The rest requires no further explanation.

Deep Web