Internet privacy and security course
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Collaboration with technical writers

Individual opinion and valuable information

Please let us know if you have a fresh opinion regarding a matter that is studied within the training course, or anything to add to it. All opinions and comments of interest will be included into the training course, indicating the name of the author.


Where should I send it?

What else should I send along with the material?

We would like to know more about you; please tell us about yourself whatever you feel fit. If you are suggesting to add something to a specific paragraph, please include an exact reference to the paragraph.

What information about me will you publish in the training materials?

You may indicate your name and surname, status / job, company, personal website, email.

Please note:

You can write either in English, or in Russian. All texts will be translated into both languages.
If your addition is about your product or service, please read the rules of advertising at the end of this document.
We have proofreaders in our team; your grammar is not the most essential thing.
If you have spotted a mistake and would like to let us know about it, please use the error notification form.
We have no problem with placing images and links.

Please Note

Our opinion regarding the value and importance of your comment can differ from yours. We hope for your understanding on this matter. We however don’t leave a single comment without a response; we will try to let you know what is wrong with your comment, in our opinion.

Writing training materials and doing research

We are always happy to discuss potential cooperation with talented experts in IT security, able to present their ideas in a clever and engaging manner. We have a long list of topics to be covered by the training course; and we need high quality and engaging materials, and potentially certain research. We are prepared to work in close collaboration with authors, and would like to have it productive and mutually beneficial.

The benefits you will get:

Opportunity to make a difference doing something exciting for the common good
Opportunity to build
your reputation

What we expect from you:

Expert knowledge of
the respective matters
high-quality materials
Clear texts
suitable for an unprepared user

To assess the candidates, we rely on:

Your personal
story / self-presentation
Brief trial text
written by you
Links to previously
published work

Please note:

You can write either in English, or in Russian. All