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Collaboration with technical writers

Individual opinion and valuable information 

 Please let us know if you have a fresh opinion regarding a matter that is studied within the training course, or anything to add to it. All opinions and comments of interest will be included into the training course, indicating the name of the author.

 Most frequently asked questions:

  Q: Where should I send it? 


 Q: What else should I send along with the material? 

A: We would like to know more about you; please tell us about yourself whatever you feel fit. If you are suggesting to add something to a specific paragraph, please include an exact reference to the paragraph.   

 Q: What information about me will you publish in the training materials?  

A: You may indicate your name and surname, status / job, company, personal website, email.

 Q: What format shall I use for sending you the materials? 

A: Materials can be sent as a text document in the attachment, or in the body of the e-mail.

 Please note:

  • You can write either in English, or in Russian. All texts will be translated into both languages. 
  • We have proofreaders in our team; your grammar is not the most essential thing.
  • We have no problem with placing images and links.
  • If your addition is about your product or service, please read the rules of advertising at the end of this document. 
  • If you have spotted a mistake and would like to let us know about it, please use the error notification form.

 Our opinion regarding the value and importance of your comment can differ from yours. We hope for your understanding on this matter. We however don’t leave a single comment without a response; we will try to let you know what is wrong with your comment, in our opinion. 



Writing training materials and doing research 

We are always happy to discuss potential cooperation with talented experts in IT security, able to present their ideas in a clever and engaging manner.

 We have a long list of topics to be covered by the training course; and we need high quality and engaging materials, and potentially certain research. We are prepared to work in close collaboration with authors, and would like to have it productive and mutually beneficial.

 The benefits you will get:

  • Opportunity to make a difference doing something exciting for the common good 
  • Fair compensation*
  • Opportunity to build your reputation**

 *The compensation is discussed with every author individually.

** We always indicate the author of a text; you can also have your e-mail or a link to the website reflected.

 What we expect from you:

  • Expert knowledge of the respective matters 
  • Interesting high-quality materials 
  • Clear texts suitable for an unprepareduser
  • New research 

To assess the candidates, we rely on:

  • Your personal story / self-presentation 
  • Links to previously published work
  • Brief trial text written by you 

Please note: 

  • You can write either in English, or in Russian. All texts will be translated into both languages. 
  • We have proofreaders in our team; your grammar is not the most essential thing.
  • We encourage you to use vidgets and visual components similar to those we use in our training materials (myth / reality; question / answer; advice; survey; question, etc.).

Please send your queries and ideas to:

Please see below a list of topics to cover. You can always offer a new topic; we will consider all and any suggestions. 

 Topics to be covered:

  • Security of iOS and Android mobile operating systems
  • Security of Windows, macOS and Linux-based desktop operating system
  • Security of web browsers 
  • Web browser attacks targeting end user
  • Software for cyber spying
  • Modern technologies of infecting users’ computers
  • Computer forensics including mobile device forensics
  • Metadata of files and documents in computer forensics 
  • Security of Wi-Fi routers
  • Network security
  • Mass surveillance systems monitoring Internet users
  • Voice modulation technologies
  • Voiceprint identification technology 
  • Steganography 
  • Active user deanonymization technologies 
  • TOR (methods of attacks and user deanonymization)
  • VPN (methods of attacks and user deanonymization)
  • Comprehensive user security systems 
  • Methods of unicalization of users upon visits to websites   



Note for developers of commercial products (individuals and companies)  

 We appreciate the importance of commercial products for ensuring safety and anonymity of users. We are prepared to publish materials provided by commercial developers, including advertising of a particular product.

 All publications are free. We do not charge a fee for publication of any material, but we have strict requirements to the materials we can publish: 

  • The topic under consideration should be interesting and important for the trainees;
  • The material may not duplicate topics already covered by the course*;
  • The material shall focus on an issue, rather than a product of your company;
  • The text shall discuss different ways of addressing the issue; and not be limited to a product of your company;
  • You agree that other authors will be able to add new material to your texts **.

 * If the topic has been already covered by the course, but you have valuable information to add, please formulate an addition to the existing material; we will publish it and indicate the name of the author.

 ** We do not process your texts; nor do we make any modifications to them, except for cases when a modification is required so as to ensure safety of the users.

 Your text can be published as a separate section of the course reflecting the name of the author, or as an addition to the existing text. The author can indicate their name and surname, company name, job, contact e-mail. 

 Please note:

  • Links to respective products are allowed. Moreover, you can have a vidget for downloading your product. The ‘Download’ button will take the user to the downloading area of your website. 
  • We encourage you to use vidgetsand visual components that we use in our training materials (myth / reality; question / answer; advice; survey; question, etc.). 
  • Our training course is delivered in two languages: English and Russian. Ideally, you will provide your texts in these two languages. If, however, you can’t do this, please send it to us in any of these languages; we will get it translated internally. 
  • All images and screenshots are to be provided in two languages. Where this is not possible, please provide us with the English version. 
  • This training course addresses issues faced by individual users, rather than corporates. Please consider this when selecting the topics and content. 

Please send your queries and ideas to:

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