Internet privacy and security course
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Chapter 2

The importance of donations

By donations we mean your voluntary donation of money to the developers of public-domain software.

Many applications presented throughout the course can be downloaded and used for free. There is no obligation to pay for them. But it doesn’t mean there is no reason to pay.

To administer the applications and release new versions, many developers rely on your financial support. Even where they have no financial challenges, your donation can become a strong financial incentive to continue their efforts, make existing applications still safer, enhance their functionality, and find new solutions.

Their work will ensure protection of your data, your anonymity in the Internet — a donation of USD10 - USD20 is a sign of your appreciation of this fact.

The authors of this training course strongly encourage the readers to provide financial support to the developers of the applications you use, where the application is free and is accompanied by a call for donations.

On our part, we will ensure that every application discussed throughout this course will reflect the information regarding donations, with the link to the respective website, and developer’s contacts.