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Chapter 41

How to install and set up basic security in VeraCrypt

Installing VeraCrypt

The installation of VeraCrypt for Windows and macOS is quite easy and straightforward. They need to simply download the program and set it up. Linux users are free to consult the guide below if they have some difficulties in the process (I’m using Linux Mint for this guide).

Download the VeraCrypt version for Linux (VeraCrypt Linux Setup). Extract the data from the archive you have downloaded.


Double-click the file “veracrypt…gui-x64” and in the window that appears “Run in Terminal”.

 VeraCrypt Linux Mint

This will prompt the installation window. Select Install VeraCrypt and follow the instructions.

VeraCrypt install 

After the installation, the program will be added to the menu. You may have to reboot the system. Be aware that the installation of VeraCrypt can’t be run in the live session of Linux Mint 18.

 VeraCypt Linux Mint

Setting up basic security in VeraCrypt

Before using VeraCrypt, we recommend you set up the program to ensure a safe work environment. Unfortunately, in our opinion, VeraCrypt’s “default” settings don’t provide proper protection. The option of automatically dismounting encrypted file-hosted volumes if the system idles for a long time as well as the option of clearing cache when the application switches off – are disabled.

VeraCrypt’s security setup is analogous to that of TrueCrypt, therefore you are free to use the guide we have shown you before.

Remember that encryption is just one of the components of the comprehensive security system that protects your data. There are a lot of methods that can defeat even the most reliable encrypted file-hosted volumes, for instance, using RAM forensic analysis or via remote access to the targeted computer.