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Chapter 44

Encrypting files with AES Crypt on Windows and macOS

Please be aware that this application doesn’t allow you to create a fully functioning encrypted file-hosted volume that would retrieve and record your files. Instead AES Crypt is designed to encrypt separate files.

Using AES Crypt on Windows


Download the 32-bit or 64-bit GUI version. Install the program.  Be aware that after the installation you won’t see the launch of the program and the shortcut on your desktop. It is supposed to be so.

AES Crypt Windows download 


One of AES Crypt’s obvious advantages lies in its simplicity. After installing the program, you just choose the file you wish to encrypt.

 Right-click on a file, select AES Encrypt

AES Crypt encryption doc 

Enter the desired password for your file.

 AES Crypt Windows encryption

The encrypted file is a copy of the original file, but with an ".aes" extension. The original file should be deleted.

 AES crypt file

When you move a file to the recycle bin and empty it, the file is not permanently removed from your hard drive. Files should be deleted with the help of special software you can find out in a separate chapter of this course.


To decrypt a file, right-click on it and in the prompt window enter the correct password.

 Decryption AES Crypt

If you have entered the correct password, the file will be successfully decrypted.

Using AES Crypt on macOS


Download the program on the official site.

 Download macOS AES Crypt

To install the program, you will probably have to enter the macOS security settings and allow AES Crypt installation (System Preferences>Security & Privacy).


The Mac version of AES Crypt is just as easy-to-use. Drag the AES Crypt shortcut from the folder “Applications” and drop it to the desktop. The encrypted file should also be on your desktop. Select the file you wish to encrypt and drop it to AES Crypt shortcut.

 AES Crypt macOS

The system will produce a password prompt.

 AES Crypt macOS encryption

After you enter the password, the file will be securely encrypted. The original file should be deleted. Please be aware that files should be removed with special software that can erase them to an unrecoverable state.

 AES Crypt file


To decrypt your file, double click it and enter the correct password. You will see the decrypted file on your desktop.

 AES Crypt macOS decryption

As you see it’s as simple as that.