Internet privacy and security course
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Chapter 4

Test your online privacy and security.

This chapter offers you various tests that are part of this course. These tests offer an entertaining way to check your knowledge and security. Sometimes just answering a test’s question makes a user double-check the privacy and security settings of his or her devices.

First, make sure you take our main test that assesses your online privacy and security. This is a general test on the various issues our course explores. As a rule, users are struggling to give more than 60% correct answers. Try this test now.

Testing your password strength

The test is created for the chapter that explains how to make a strong password. Take the test and assess how strong your password is. After you complete this course, you must score at least 100 points.

Tests widget: Check the strength of your password.

Check if your messages are being read.

This test reveals how to set up a trap to learn if someone else is snooping on your messages (useful if you are a user of email, instant messaging clients, social networks, websites, SMS).